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I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night

-The Black Eyed Peas

Toni 8/23/15


The Couple, 1939

Scan 53 (1)


Their Wedding Cake Topper



This is my parents’ wedding cake topper, still encased in the 1939 version of plastic wrap.  It is disarmingly lovely.


Wedding coming up?

Yearning for something vintage?

You can get this one at Some Bit of Stuff.

Toni 8/19/15




Chief Semicolon Advocate at WordPress Michelle W. says share an image of something creepy. Unsettling. Eerie. I dare you to look at her babies.

erice16An abandoned castle on the breath-abating vertical trail to Erice, a small medieval town in Sicily prized for its defensive position by Carthaginians, Romans, and Normans.


Toni 8/19/15


It’s Julia Child’s birthday. oooh, Butter cake.


Thank you, PBS, you make me happy. I cook along with Julia and learn plenty. Julia says fix your mistakes or learn to live with them. And she does – with savoir faire.


Julia’s an expert plucker, skinner, and boner. I watch her cut up a chicken, loosen skin from flesh, and pull the bones out of a goose. She stirs two pots at a time and has such a jolly time doing it that I, too, cook with a spoon in each hand. Her humor and appetite for la cuisine francaise is contagious.

As much as she is devoted to the “rules” of French cooking, Julia revels in culinary exploration. Her sense of wonder and inquisitiveness inspire me whenever I reach for a copper pot. As her recipes grow bolder, so do mine – tender escargot bobbling in garlicky butter and musky truffles redolent of earth. Pure Flavorful Heaven. Ouf!


But Julia is more than the Master of French Cooking. She is A Writer. No stranger to the arduous writing process, the cut-and-dried business end of publishing, the seven hundred pages that need pruning. Mastering the Art of French Cooking is her labor of love.


Julia’s tome needed a good final edit.  So when Julia’s editor said her book was unpublishable – too big, too expensive, too elaborate – she murdered some of her darlings. Tons were ‘killed’ but not discarded. Julia saved those foolproof recipes for subsequent books. Limaces to be used another day.

Don’t slugs sound lovelier in French?

Julia inspires legions of cooks like me who muck about in the kitchen. We do so care what she made for lunch, however daunting it seems.

Some of us cooks also like to play here at WordPress where millions of bloggers inspire legions of writers to hit the publish button.

photo credit George, The Off Key of Life


So today, WWWW is taking a breath, backing away from the stats (yes, we eyeball ours, just like you do ) to introduce you to Friend/Follower #3313, George, at The Off Key of Life. He isn’t cataloguing his pantry shelves or obsessing over finding the perfect microplane. He’s just mucking about with words. Bon Appétit.

Toni 8/15/2015


I was a well-fed baby.

Scan 50Nothing but the best for me.  Like this spendy-trendy dish made by Toy Industry Inc, NY.  Hmm, a dish that’s a toy?

Inside the plastic rim, checker-size wooden discs roll and clatter. Cup-runneth-overish amusement for me. Mom, not so much.

To have fun, I needed to tip the toy/dish. Sideways. And upside-down.

Enter the all-purpose bib from the Baby Safety League. One hot seller.

The Keep Kleen bib claimed it would keep me, star of stage and scream, cleaner than all the other bibs combined. A salvo of style, even Mom could wear it.


What mother could resist this persuasive advertising? IMG_4348

A fire resistant bib made of plastic in 1949? Really?

Get one here.  Put it to the test.


Toni 8/13/15