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$(KGrHqJHJ!4E8+iZ5cl8BPRDzP73bw~~60_12Scan 45 Scan 44Mom’s teaching certificate from Danbury Normal School, 1936

Note: The term “normal school” originated in the early 16th century from the French école normale. The French concept of an école normale was to provide a school with classrooms to model teaching practices to its student teachers.The children being taught, their teachers, and the teachers of the teachers were often together in the same building. Although a laboratory school, it was the official school for the children.


Toni 5/28/15



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WordPress Genius Cheri Lucas Rowlands says, for this challenge, capture something broken. I love this divine boody garden.


The island is sirenically seductive. Majestic caldera walls, multicolored cliffs soaring over indigo Aegean water, infinite azure skies, high-priced crumbling caves. Yes, caves.


I saw these unique historical houses on the island of Santorini. Called “cave houses”, many have been preserved and renovated in the town of Oia.


The early residents of Santorini worked in sea trading and exports. In order to be close to their work (and spot unfriendly ship invasions), they chose to live on the caldera edge. Wealthy ship captains built mansions on the island proper but ship hands and sailors built hyposkafa, or “cave houses”, carved into the soft pumice stone of the cliffside.


Hyposkafa were easy to build and provided protection from the harsh winter winds and weather. The natural insulation of the earthen walls regulated the interior temperature year-round. It was simpler to excavate the mountain than to carry (by mule) or buy the building materials.CIMG0111

The cave size was fitted to the needs of the family but limited by natural obstacles, like big rocks. When young adults were ready to start their own families, they would either build an additional room or, if there was enough space, build a new cave house next to the old one.


Today the caldera area is protected by very strict building regulations in order to keep the traditional look and architecture.


Original cave entries, openings framed in volcanic stone, dot the cliffside, tucked into the renovated luxury digs that float through time between the last volcanic eruption and the next.


Today ~ fixed and better than before

Toni 5/26/15



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463381034.0.0 (1)1985

 David Letterman, a.k.a.The Big Man


Blast-of-fresh antics. Seismic style. Nothing off limits. Ever.

Goofy, vulnerable, snarky.


Published about three years into the production of the show, Markoe’s book takes the cake and eats it too. Frozen moments from the early seasons.

Whimsical-Ham-Grips-e1325802770875 (1)

Dave and his Grauman’s-bound team



Oh, take one last look at the place that you are leaving
Take one last look.


A scraggly lullaby for Dave, Tom Waits nails it. Gulp.

“Take One Last Look”

Let’s watch the sun come up in another town
Try our luck a little further down
Leave the cards on the table
Leave the bread on the plate
Put your hand on the gearshift
Put your foot off the brake

And take one last look
At the place that you are leaving
Take one last look
Oh take one last look
At the place that you are leaving
Take one last look

I beg for something that the wind can carry
There are all points of ways across the waiting prairie
This car looks like it could give us a good run
A choice to leave was a good one

And take one last look
At the place that you are leaving
Take one last look
Oh take one last look
At the place that you are leaving
Take one last look

Let’s look forward to the lights that are new,
The world is a ribbon of road for you
All towns have churches and tire stops
They put up speed limit signs and they hire cops
I love to see the wind in your hair
All we ever need we can get anywhere

And take one last look
At the place that you are leaving
Take one last look
Oh take one last look
At the place that you are leaving
Take one last look
Oh take one last look
Oh take one last look

Toni 5/21/15

Hard to tell them apart both the birds and the boys: a 420 character 9-liner


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IMG_8333 (1)

Moving away from home helped my sons help me ID them properly.

When they were little guys I’d mix them up;

it’s the same with me & the Veery-Hermit & Wood Thrush.

“Red head is a Wood Thrush, Red tail is a Hermit Thrush, and all red is a Veery.”

But what’s warm brown vs duller brown

& what’s indistinct vs bold spotting?

I see HT do that demure tail-lift

& note that WT is plumper than V.

Perhaps they need to move away?



ID Veery 1c ACK_2879

(picture taken by ace photographer, Alex Kearney)

Veeries are one of the more easily recognized thrushes because of their uniformly warm brown upperparts, indistinct spotting, and fairly plain faces with very little eyering.

Wood Thrush:

The Wood Thrush is bigger and plumper than a Veery, with much bolder spotting on the chest and belly.

Wood Thrush 1c ACK_0474 Wood Thrush 1c ACK_0503 Wood Thrush 1mail ACK_2765

(pictures by ace photographer, Alex Kearney)

Hermit Thrush

Hermit Thrushes have a warm brown tail that contrasts with a duller brown back. They also habitually perform a frequent tail-lift, quickly raising the tail and slowly lowering it; no other Catharus thrush does this.

Hermit Thrush

IMG_7545drawn by me



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Beauty is composed of many things and never stands alone. It is so fragile it can be destroyed by a sound or a thought.  It may be infinitesimally small or encompass the universe itself.  It comes in a swift conception wherever nature has not been disturbed.

    -Sigurd Olson

I admire avian architects.

IMG_3243 The fabricator of this nest?  I’m not sure but the nest is blue-chip inside and out, ingeniously built with natural materials. My best guess?  It involves plenty of maternal labor. IMG_3242 It’s perfectly adapted to housing wee eggs and young offspring in safety and comfort. Fixed together with gossamer-like fibers, the young at the bottom of this nest will be enveloped in a mass of feathers. Mouth-gapingly awesome. IMG_3244     Toni 5/18/15


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