Ruby-Crowned Kinglet reminds me of what I miss about the ones I love who live far away. (a 420 character, 9-liner)


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ID Ruby Crowned Kinglet 1b _AGK1974

The diminutive Ruby-Crowned Kinglet was captured by ace photographer Alex Kearney.
254 Macedonia Rd.
Kent, CT  06757

ID Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1b _AGK1962

Loved ones who are far away: How to know them?

They’re not like the tiny, migrating Ruby-Crowned Kinglets

I can easily ID even tho’ they dart through the roadside shrubs fastfast

into & out of my view.

Their wing-flicks are unmistakable.

& that male!

He sings this long, bubbly, amazingly loud song, sometimes with a double-note call.

FaceTime & texting help,

but I yearn to feast on the wing-flicks of the loved ones.






The 17-year old Patty writes for the 1964 Advance Magazine, her Salem Classical and High School pre-blog outlet. Not sure how many neurons and dendrites were created by focusing on the drafting of this one. I was definitely into Strong Verbs. I wonder if I did a Noun-Verb 2-column think sheet?

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Tikkun Olam, Flight Feathers, and Yoga: more ideas on how to beat those swords and spears into plowshares and pruning hooks. (A 420 character 9-line poem)


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(ALTERNATE TITLE:  How to lower the swords states and non-state peoples lift against each other, how to stop learning war anymore–hints from the birds and their flight feathers for how to repair the world by pairing rather than parrying. (I think the concept of Tikkun olam speaks to this too.)

Lift. Forward motion. Direction. Balance.

A bird gets it from her wing & tail flight feathers

which, although long, stiff, & asymmetrical,

are symmetrically paired.

My yoga practice & cello group

involve a pairing focus that promotes a flowing harmony

& gives me a new slant on what it may take to rePAIR this wobbly world

& bend the arc of events towards peace.

Mayhap give it lift, forward motion, direction, balance.


#TBT Everybody’s looking for the same thing sang Kate Wolf


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This is the message board in Collinsville CT. I walk this block, and every time I go by, I stop to be reassured that everybody is indeed looking for the same thing. And I thank Kate Wolf for singing this truth so beautifully.IMG_4532  (I couldn’t find Kate Wolf singing this one, but do go to the official website for information on what her son and daughter have done to help her fans keep her music in our heads and hearts. See


Kate Wolf’s song–Everybody’s Looking for the Same Thing–teaches us that “outside a country store there’s a board on the wall that’s filled with cards of every size. And what the folks are looking for is written there to see. Reading it, it comes as no surprise that everybody’s looking for the same thing. The same thing, it’s plain to see. It’s an old Chevy, a bass player, a country house on three acres, 3 bedrooms absolutely free. There’s someone going to Boston with a guitar and a dog, and a lady with a goat to give away. There’s 10 free kittens, a square dance on Sunday, and Cindy please get in touch with Ray. Know your future, it’s in the stars–15 dollars or fix my car, you can call mornings or evenings until 9. Do you want to lose weight, meditate? Herbal remedies you can take. And massages given at your house or mine. So if you’re needing something and you don’t know where to start, just make yourself a card that says it all. Use the words that say it best, include a number and address. And pin it up with the others on the wall.”


I’ll need a special routing program if I’m going to eschew all left turns plus this will deprive my brain of the concentration exercise it needs. My other it-gives-my-brain-more-plasticity exercises: cello practicing, writing 420’s, birding, not double-tasking while driving, reading the NYT Science Times section, & yoga. I call them my Luminosity alt programs. (A 420 character, 9-line poem)


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Just saying:

Altho’ it takes more words to describe left turns rather than rights,

w/ UPS never taking the former because it’s 8:1 times more dangerous

& uses more gas;

despite the Latin for right being dextra & left sinistra,

I LIKE the challenge of spotting the gap in the 9 Harleys.

My brain develops more plasticity the more I try to be mindful and attentive;

focusing makes new neurons and dendrites.

Just saying.




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