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Amount Americans spent last year on UNICEF donations to trick-or-treaters : $3,731,057

On Halloween costumes for their pets : $330,000,000

tumblr_mv2ty1Y05K1snpn26o1_1280 Eleanor Roosevelt launches UNICEF Halloween “Trick or Treat” program at the United Nations with Captain Kangaroo.  

UNICEF stands for the U.N. International Children’s Fund. The “E” used to be for “emergency,” but while it still appears in the alphabetical name, UNICEF is no longer an emergency program.


It operates every day, all year, feeding children who are hungry, helping people to feed their children better with local foods, and, in cooperation with the World Health Organization, fighting diseases that attack children.

Meet Ed Norton. He’s the man behind Crowdrise, a pioneer in raising money for charities online.

For the first time in its 64-year history, kids and parents can take their fundraising online by using Crowdrise and set up a Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF fundraising page to share with friends and family via email, or even as a part of a Halloween party invite/e-vite. How easy it that?

wiz_c016“Oh, I see;” said the Tin Woodman. “But, after all, brains are not the best things in the world.” Have you any?” enquired the Scarecrow. No, my head is quite empty,” answered the Woodman; “but once I had brains, and a heart also; so, having tried them both, I should much rather have a heart.” ― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Let’s all be like our galvanized friend.  

How about a little more treat than trick this year?

Toni 10/31/14



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Remember when recess was rough and tumble

and lessons involved chalk?

Our school served free milk.  

Thanks, Ike.

JMG weight gr 1Toni 10/30/14

#TBT Did someone say it’s Throwback Thursday? 17-year old Patty wrote this for the Salem Classical and High School Advance Magazine back in 1964 (do the math, you’re right, time has passed).


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Thanks to Mike Stafford for finding and sending me these early Patty writings. Heaven forfend if they’d been lost forever…SHS Advance - Spring 1963 - Vol. LXXII - No. 3 - Patricia Raymond



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kinnell_old “To me, poetry is somebody standing up, so to speak, and saying, with as little concealment as possible, what it is for him or her to be on earth at this moment.”  


I’ve read that poetry is considered to be the most solitary of arts, composed alone and often consumed that way as well. 

Galway Kinnell is a rock star in my poetry universe. I plan to make a simple yet subtle bowl of oatmeal (with skim milk, of course) and listen, yet again, to his historical/hysterical poem.

Toni 10/29/14  



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CIMG4289 A’ Muntagna (“the mountain” in local dialect) dominates the lives of Sicilians who live in Etna’s shadow. CIMG4678 Its lava flows and dust clouds can be disruptive but enrich the soil of the lower slopes and surrounding plains ~ the most fertile regions in Sicily, home to vast expanses of vines, orchards, and olive trees. article-2508808-19766DC200000578-739_964x642 Recent eruptions have been spectacular and safe. Smoking craters and snaking lava flows are visible from the graceful dusky villages built of lava stone. CIMG4293 ‘I judge from my geography’ as the locals and I scramble across rocky lava fields from the 1983 eruption above the town of Randazzo. black-white_photograph_of_emily_dickinson Trekking up Mt. Etna, I imagine a pale and lonely recluse, dressed in white like Dante’s Beatrice, padding about her father’s house in Amherst. Emily Dickinson never traveled to Sicily, yet a volcano rumbles beneath the surface of her poetry.

Volcanoes be in Sicily And South America I judge from my Geography— Volcanos nearer here A Lava step at any time Am I inclined to climb…

Still-volcano-life I picture Emily with her darning-needle in the sunny corner bedroom. She binds her poems into booklets and watches the domestic goings-on of Main Street below.  But in her mind, she travels ~ her “brain is wider than sky”.

I have never seen Volcanoes – But, when Travellers tell How those old – phlegmatic mountains Usually so still – Bear within – appalling Ordnance, Fire, and smoke, and gun, Taking Villages for breakfast….

Still-volcano-life As the poet herself describes it, hers was “A Still— Volcano— life.” She found her Etna, Muncibeddu ~ at home, in Amherst.

A still – Volcano – life That flickered in the night – When it was dark enough to do Without erasing sight – A quiet – Earthquake Style – Too subtle to suspect

Like A’ Muntagna, Emily had a tumultuous inner life. Her manners were staid, her behavior pious. But Etna was inside her, continuously on the boil, a volcano ready to explode with words, some that shocked those around her. article-2508808-1976850D00000578-131_964x606

Though Emily never visited a volcano, she glimpsed the possibilities of a life beyond her curtains.

A bolder life.

A life where lava overflows.

Toni 10/23/14

WWWW loves Emily.  She lurks in our posts and gets plenty of ink. Like in this one, A Readable Feast, poetry with a pinch of Sicily. emilyfoodie


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